Winter 2020/ 2021

Workshops range from 1 to 3 days, led by an externally hired IFMGA & ACMG Certified Guide(s). Cost varies from $250 to $660 per person, with private group workshops available upon request.

Brief summary is outlined below, please reach out via email for more extensive details.



Avalanche Skills Training (AST) Level 1 is the foundation for safe travel and is the first step in traveling into avalanche terrain.

This course is intended for Skiers, Split boarders, snowshoer’s and anybody who intends on spending time in the backcountry during the winter months. As winter sets in, the entire geography of a landscape can change, and with that so do the threats and hazards which surround you and your group. 

Duration: 2 Days - Theory Day 1/ Practical Day 2

Cost: $250 per person

No. Participants: 4 - 8 per group

Prerequisitesno previous experience required

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Winter Trekking


The 2nd step in your path to a successful and safer experience in the back country, begins with Avalanche Skills Training - Level 2 (AST2). This technical multi-day course is spread out over 4 days through 2 weekends. It places further emphasis on the need for safe travel selection, terrain awareness and route finding. While providing new tools and techniques to assess and weigh up your potential options/risks of travel. 

Duration: 4 days - 2 weekends (Sat&Sun)

Cost: $660

No. of Participants: 6 per group

Prerequisites: certified AST-1, good fitness level and attitude.

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Learn how to safely navigate your way across glacial terrain, also acquiring the skills to rescue a team mate if they should fall. Basic system set-ups, how to rope up while on a glacier, knots and pulleys!

​Duration: 2 Day - 1 day on rock / 2nd in snow

Cost: $350 

No. Participants: 4 - 6 per group.

Prerequisites: Good fitness level and attitude.

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Before you venture off into the backcountry this winter, why not learn a few tips and tricks of how to ensure you enjoy a safe and enjoyable time in the mountains. Not only for your groups safety, but ensuring your travel is safe for all other groups who may also be travelling within the same area.  

Duration:​ 1- 2 days 

Cost: Contact for further details.

No. of Participants: 6 per group

Prerequisites: moderate ski/snowboard ability, good fitness level, completed AST1.

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A strong base of skills will be developed during this intro to ice climbing workshop.

You will learn how to use a top rope belay system and understand the correct use of your personal ice climbing equipment.

Personalized instruction in this course will enable you to develop your ice climbing technique and safety awareness – the signature of a good ice climber. We will also introduce you to the basics of ice screw placement and anchor construction.

Duration: 1 Day course, 9am - 3pm.

Cost: conatct for details.

No. of Participants: 3 - 6 per group

Prerequisites: no previous climbing experience is required. 

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Introduction to the fundamentals of alpine climbing, glacier travel & Rescue. Summit climbing, Snow Travel, Alpine rock multi-pitching, navigation in the mountains, crevasse rescue. 

​Duration: 3 Day Course + 1 summit

Cost: $590/person   [Ratio 6:1/client:guide]

No. Participants: 6 per group

Prerequisites:  Good fitness level & attitude

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Volcano Hiker

Ophelia Bar-Lev-Wise
Contract Business Consultant

“I throughly enjoyed the AST 1 Course delivered through Peak Fitness. I was able to gain a lot of practical knowledge both in class and on the mountain. Based on Instructor Klem’s many years of experience and willingness to teach us, I feel more equipped for future adventures and this has inspired me to further my training in the backcountry.”

Kristian Keinhorst

I did my AST level 1 course (Jan 2021). Klemen made the course fun and informative, covering all of the basics of avalanche awareness in an understandable format, to give us simple but affective tools to start to evaluate avalanche dangers.

Jessie Parson

"I am very glad  that I chose to take the crevasse rescue course with Peak Fitness. Klemen made it  fun while being extremely informative.  Instructions were thorough and the content covered all of the bases. A fantastic day all around. Thanks to Simon & Klem!"