Workshops range from 1 to 3 days, led by an IFMGA & ACMG Certified Guide(s). Cost varies from $250 to $590 per person, with private group workshops available upon request.

Brief summary is outlined below, please reach out via email for more extensive details.



Introduction to rock climbing in the infamous climbing mecca of Squamish, BC. Our aim in holding this course is to teach you basic climbing technique’s, knots, belaying, rappelling and how to set up a top rope anchor correctly (IDEAL).

At the end of this intensive 2 day course, you will have learnt the basic skills to confidently choose your own gear, build a top rope anchor, Correct belaying techniques and most importantly crag safety and etiquette. 

​Duration: 2 Day course, 9am - 3pm

Cost: $275 / person

No. Participants: 3 - 6 per group

Prerequisites: No previous climbing experience is needed. Good fitness and attitude!

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Canyoneering is comprised of following a waterway/canyon from an elevated position, downwards. We accomplish this by lowering ourselves off waterfalls via ropes, jumping in pools and basically working our way down through a stream or waterway until we reach the exit point below. 

Predominately a summer event, it is also possible to complete a 'dry-canyoneering' event during the winter months.

​Duration: 2 - 3 hours

No. Participants: 4 - 8 per group

Cost: contact for details.

Prerequisites: No previous experience required.

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Rock Rescue skills are essential for any rock climber, you don't need these skills until it is too late. High angle rock rescue skills are the focus of this intensive single-day course. Learn the skills to help yourself, your partner or an adjacent party when they find themselves in trouble.

This rock rescue course is designed to give climbers the skills to carry out simple rock rescues in single and multi-pitch terrain. 

​Duration: 1 Day, 9am - 4pm.

No. Participants: 3 - 6 per group

Cost: contact for details.

Prerequisites: experience climbing single pitch sport routes, no multi pitch experience is required.

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Introduction to multi pitch climbing. 

Learn tools and techniques to take youir climbing a step further and begin climbing multi pitch's and big wall routes.

​Duration: 1 Day / optional 2nd day.

No. Participants: 2 - 4 per group

Prerequisite: experience climbing single pitch, some traditional climbing experience can help but is not required. 

Contact us for further details.

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If you are an intermediate to advanced top-rope or sport climber who is seeking to expand their reach and learn the skills required to take on some of the incredible crack climbs Squamish and Whistler has to offer, this intro to Trad workshop is for you. 

You will learn the principles of trad climbing, the fundamentals of building traditional rock anchors and placing and removing your own gear for protection while you lead climb. You will also learn the basics of seconding multi-pitch rock trad climbs and the assessment and use of natural anchors such as trees and boulders.

After the course, participants will have the skills to safely lead single pitch rock climbs. Trad climbing is not only an important aspect of climbing on its own but is also the foundation for alpine climbing.

​Duration: 1 Day, 9am - 4pm

Cost: contact for details.

No. Participants: 3 - 6 per group

Prerequisites: moderate to advanced sport climb/top rope climbing ability. 

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"The intro to climbing course hosted by Simon at Peak Fitness was something I was really looking forward too.
It is affordable and worth getting involved with regardless of your experience or lack off. The instructor was very knowledgeable, patient, and made all aspects of the day a fun and safe experience. We began on some smaller climbs and abseiling techniques and gradually got more difficult as the day progressed, by the end of the day I was left surprised at the climbs I had completed. Our group was a mix of all sorts and by the end of the day we were all congregated together as friends. I am excited for the next level and would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to challenge themselves, improve new skills and meet new like-minded people".

Dario Sinagoga - Pro MMA fighter