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At Peak Fitness we pride ourselves in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all of our clients.

We achieve this by developing a structured and purposeful approach to YOUR health and well-being. Train smart and train efficiently - that is the PEAK mantra.

With over 20 years experience in the health & fitness industry, we have put together a comprehensive and measurable approach to ensure our clients continue to achieve and surpass their goals in the most effective, efficient and fun ways possible.

Train with Purpose - Achieve Greatness

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We set out to ensure that we have every aspect of YOUR fitness journey covered to maximize results and efficiency. We do this with a combination of structured programming, postural analysis & evaluation, fitness testing and nutritional guidance. We offer body composition testing and tracked progress, so that we can monitor your success every step of the way and show you exactly how far you have come!



Following an initial assessment and analysis, we structure an individualized training plan that is 100% specific to YOUR own goals and aspirations.

With all of our clients, the INITIAL primary focus is to ensure that they are capable of moving through all 3 PLANES OF MOVEMENT safely and pain-free. When we find an asymmetry in these movement patterns, we will focus on understanding

& then addressing these issues.

Therefore allowing the body to continue operating as a whole functional unit, rather than ignoring the warning signs.


If staying motivated and accountable is one of the challenges that you face when taking control of your health and fitness, why not ask a friend/partner or colleague to join you on the journey? 

Training as part of a duo brings a whole other level to your PEAK Fitness training session. Help to motivate and drive your partner forward when the going gets tough! Cheer each other on when the energy levels drop and limbs start tiring. Everybody benefits from having an extra person in their corner! 

The PEAK Fitness team will assess the best approach so BOTH partners in the session are achieving maximum results and working towards their GOALS!


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We offer a wide variety of services to help motivate and encourage your staff to stay healthy, active and working at their optimum level.  

Corporate options:  

  • Executive Personal Training: 1-to-1

  •  Partner Training: join forces with a colleague and get twice the fun out of your PEAK hour.

  •  Zoom Group Workout: no equipment required, innovative movements and challenges to test your office week to week -  suitable for all fitness levels. 

  •  Summer Bootcamps: a fantastic way to both enjoy the summer weather and to get a group of your staff outside and working hard together. 

  •  Team Building Activities: Peak Fitness offers a multitude of outdoor adventures & activities to bring your Team closer together! Check-out our Team Building page above. 


"There is a strong relationship between Strength, Power and Dynamic Athletic Performance" - Baker et al., 2001

The Peak Fitness Team is comprised of athletes who have competed in various sports and over a wide variety of levels. The team has a strong understanding of the physiological requirements necessary to ensure that your body is performing at its maximal potential. 

Regardless of the sport, there are 3 key areas which the PEAK Team believes must be harnessed in order to obtain maximal efficiency with minimum effort:

  •  Strength Training

  •  Maximal Power Recruitment

  •  Dynamic Performance Potential

Contact the PEAK Fitness Team to start maximizing your training and unleashing your best efforts!



The PEAK Fitness Team is well versed in the common structural issues and injuries which tend to hinder our path's to success.

Whether it is an acute sports injury or a re-occurring stress/strain that is preventing you from performing at your best, the PEAK Team is here to help identify and address these problems, prioritizing your ability to perform at your optimum.

A large emphasis is placed on postural correction and maintaining symmetrical movements; this ensures that while we complete your rehabilitation journey, we will minimize the development of any asymmetrical patterns, which can cause further prolonged set-backs.

"Maintaining correct posture is the foundation prior to any movement, any deviance in posture will translate down the chain and will have an affect on the desired movement pattern"

- Owner Peak Fitness, Simon Nelson


Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Jason McLean - President & CEO

“I’ve been personal training with Peak for many years and I’ve always had a consistently high quality experience – across several trainers.  The current team is extremely professional and committed to helping me achieve my goals and achieve a good balance between pushing me and keeping it fresh.  And just as importantly, they are good people to spend time with and they keep it fun and interesting.”




Simon has always had a strong passion and keen interest in all disciplines of sport and movement. Playing at high level of competitive of Rugby, he is no stranger to putting in the hard work and reaping the benefits of those efforts. Growing up at the base of the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland, it was only natural for him to be into the outdoors, as well as running, climbing and adventuring as often as possible.​

After completing his Degree in Kinesiology in Ireland {Ba(H) Sports Science}, Simon moved to beautiful Vancouver in 2013. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the biomechanics of the human body and how best to manipulate training plans, so as to create the most efficient and functional training system across a variety of sports and activities.​“It’s simple science: the sporting activity and requirements to excel will differ, but the human body operates and responds to training stimuli in the same regard. The fun part is figuring out what specific physiological traits are required for each client's activity, and then we break it down and structure an individualized training plan around these variables.” ​

Simon’s training stems from the approach of quality over quantity. Learn to do a movement correctly and then we will move forward, with a solid integral foundation. We all begin from Step 1, and together we develop a structured plan to move steadily towards our goals and aspirations. With an extensive knowledge in biomechanics and rehabilitation, Simon finds great interest in assessing our movements and finding the limiting factor that is preventing you from operating at your optimum level. “Human beings are capable of fascinating feats, all we need to do is to train smart and train purposefully. Always remembering that each one of us has our own specific needs, goals and limitations.”



Cillian joined our team in the summer of 2019 after moving over to Vancouver from Ireland. All his life he has had a keen interest in field sports and particularly in soccer which he played to a high level in Dublin. He continues to play casually in Vancouver.

He qualified from Limerick Institute of Technology with a BSc (H) in Sports Strength and Conditioning and began his coaching career with Wexford FC in the league of Ireland. Cillian also spent time training athletes in rugby, tennis and Gaelic sports working as a strength and conditioning coach. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge around the area of sports specific coaching and in particular developing S&C plans for Team's.

"A well-developed and intelligent S&C programme is often the major factor which decides if you win or lose your season" 

The combination of Cillian’s education and his own personal experience on the field and in the gym, has given him an excellent grasp of the workings of the human body and from this it has given him a platform to deliver specific, functional and enjoyable training programs to his clients. ​

His extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is a great strength when it comes to identifying and correcting postural faults and muscle imbalances in his clients.

"The human muscular system is like a team of players, it is great to have a star player, however it is the whole team unit working together who win the season.Train your weaknesses to improve your strengths!"


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