At Peak Fitness we believe in a structured and purposeful approach to your health and well-being. Train smart and train efficiently - that is the PEAK mantra. With over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry we have put together a comprehensive and measurable approach to ensure our clients continue to achieve and surpass their goals in the most effective, efficient and fun ways possible.

Train with Purpose - Achieve Greatness



We set out to ensure we have every aspect of your fitness journey covered to maximize results and efficiency. We do this with a combination of structured programming, postural analysis and evaluation, fitness testing and full nutritional guidance. We also offer body composition testing and tracked progress so we can monitor your success every step of the way and show you exactly how far you have come!

Weight Bar


Following an initial assessment and analysis, we structure an individualized training plan that is 100% specific to your own goals and aspirations. With all of our clients the primary focus initially is to ensure that they are capable of moving through all plains of movement safely and pain free. When we find an asymmetry in their movement, we then focus on amending this and enabling the body to continue forwards as one solid functional unit, rather than ignoring our bodies warning signs.

Kettlebell Workout


Spending time one on one with your trainer might not be your ideal method of getting active and back into shape, so why not double up with a friend or partner! Double’s training is great fun and is an easy way to ensure you stay motivated and driven to succeed. You have an accountability buddy week to week who is going to help you maintain that zesty attitude to keep it up!

Crossfit Class


Ask us about our range of corporate options including 8 week challenges with full body composition testing and nutritional guidance. Sometimes finding the time to get to the gym is the hardest part of maintaining long term training regime. Why not gather some like minded colleagues at work and have the Peak Fitness Team come to you.

Man Climbing


Having competed in a variety of sports at high levels we have been able to adapt specific training techniques that have enabled athletes from a wide range of sports such as tennis, golf, rugby, hockey and even the outdoor extreme adventure activities like technical climbing, trail running and multi-day hikes.



After 15 years in the industry we have extensive experience and knowledge in injury rehab and prevention. With a kinesiology background we emphasise our focus on postural correction and maintaining symmetrical movement, always keeping you at your best!





Kinesiologist / Co-Owner

Simon comes to us from cross ‘the big pond’, in the South Eastern mountains of Wicklow, Ireland. He has always had a strong passion and keen interest in all disciplines of sport and exercise. Playing a high level of competitive of Rugby, he is no stranger to putting in the hard work and reaping the benefits of these efforts. Growing up amongst the forests and mountains his entire life, it was only natural for him to be into the outdoors running, climbing and adventuring as often as he could.

After completing his Degree in Kinesiology in Ireland {Ba(H) Sports Science}, Simon moved to beautiful Vancouver in 2013. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the biomechanics of the human body and how best to manipulate training plans, so as to create the most efficient and functional training system across a variety of sports and activities.

“It’s simple science, the sporting activity and requirements to excel will differ, but the human body still operates and responds to training stimuli in the same manner. The fun part for me is figuring out what the specific physiological traits required for each individual’s sport or activity is, and then we break it down and structure an individualized training plan around these variables.” 

Simon’s training stems from the approach of quality over quantity. Learn to do a movement correctly and then we will move forward with a solid foundation. We all begin from step 1, and together we develop a structured plan to move steadily towards our goals and aspirations.

With an extensive knowledge in biomechanics and rehabilitation, Simon finds great interest in assessing our movements and finding the limiting factor that is preventing you from operating to the highest level of your capability.

“Human beings are capable of fascinating feats, all we need to do is to train smart and train purposefully. Always remembering that each one of us has our own specific needs, goals and limitations.”


Operations / Co-Owner

"These guys are nothing without me. I am the glue that holds everything together. Without, me, it all falls apart".

While Lisa has never actually said that, we are pretty sure she thinks it. If she does, she's probably right. 

Lisa does an outstanding job of keeping our trainers and clients organized with her efficiency and taskmaster tendencies. We are very lucky to have her.


You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and strong you. Get in touch and start training today.



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